Stay in Northern Cyprus

How can I get a residence in Northern Cyprus? Stay with us in the future:

What are the benefits of staying in North Cyprus?


Every person, when he decides to migrate, chooses one of the best countries according to his interests, needs and geographical conditions of his country and the destination country.
That is why each immigration company considers one of the countries suitable for you.
In recent years, one of the best options is to live in Northern Cyprus.
Northern Cyprus Northern part of the country Cyprus is under the control of Turkey.

For this reason, it is also called Turkish Cyprus. Its geographical location is east of the Mediterranean Sea.
For this reason, it is sometimes considered part of Asian countries and sometimes part of European countries.
Cyprus has hot and dry summers and mild winters with rain.
In response to this question Stay in Northern Cyprus What are its advantages? We should mention the following:

  1. Convenient geographical location to Iran: Since this island is close to Iran, it is easier to travel to the country if you migrate there.
  2. Cultural similarity: The cultural similarity of the people of Cyprus to the people of Iran is more than that of European and American countries. That is why it is easier to live there.
  3. Relatively low cost of living: the cost of living in this country is lower than European and American countries. So that many people consider it similar to Turkey in terms of living expenses
  4. Relatively calm life: the amount of stress and work pressure in this country is very low and controlled. In addition, it also has high security
  5. Clean air: by staying in Northern Cyprus, you will experience clean air and far from pollution, a clean environment and far from dirt and a beautiful view.
  6. Ease of communication with people: the common languages in Cyprus are Turkish and English. In addition, it has warm people who are very easy to communicate with
  7. Growing economy: investment and Migration to Northern Cyprus It causes growth and development. Because this country is growing and has a healthy economy


How to obtain residence in Northern Cyprus

Residence through education

Residence through the purchase of property

Residence through company registration

There are different ways to stay in different countries.
Therefore, after you have decided to immigrate to a country, you should familiarize yourself with the appropriate methods of staying there and choose the best ones according to your facilities, conditions and needs.
Staying in North Cyprus also has its own conditions and methods, which we will get to know below:

Obtaining residence in Northern Cyprus through the purchase of property

Buying property and investing in different countries is one of the methods of obtaining residency and immigration.
Therefore, if you have significant capital, you can in addition Buying property in North Cyprus And to preserve your capital, take action to obtain your residence.
Because the properties that exist in this country have reasonable prices.
In addition, these properties have a growing trend, and you can easily turn your money into good money by buying a property in this country and get a residence in North Cyprus.
Also, if you cannot pay the purchase price of the property in one go, you can use its installment terms.
In such a situation, you can become the owner of the property by paying only 30% of the total cost and pay the other installments in a long term without interest.

Residence in Northern Cyprus through company registration

Among them, there are also people who do not have much capital, but own a certain business or have sufficient knowledge in a certain field. These people can also register a company and obtain a ratio Stay in Northern Cyprus take action
To Company registration in Northern Cyprus You should block 50 thousand euros in one of the banks and appoint a managing director and office manager for your company.
The CEO can commute between Cyprus and other countries. But the head of the office cannot leave the country easily due to legal conditions. Unless he considers an alternative for himself.
If you have a request to register a company in North Cyprus, you can entrust it to a suitable lawyer who will successfully register your company within a month or two.

Residence in Northern Cyprus through continuing education

We have all heard about European and American universities and have been encouraged many times to register in one of them for ourselves or one of our relatives.
But you should know Northern Cyprus
It also has three public universities and five private universities, which are very advanced in terms of science.
The advantage of the universities of this country is that you do not need to take the language tests required for other countries to study in them, and after getting approval from one of the universities and passing their language test, you can register and Get a residence permit in Northern Cyprus.
It is also possible to get a 75% scholarship from these universities.

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