Learn more about Northern Cyprus and the benefits of immigrating there


We have all heard the name of Cyprus many times. But maybe there are few people among us who have heard the name of North Cyprus. Cyprus is one of the islands located in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, which is located between the continent of Asia and Europe.This island is actually divided into two parts, north and south. Its northern part, which is also known as Turkish Cyprus, is inhabited by Turks and Muslims, and has a climate with hot and dry summers and mild winters, usually with heavy rains.
The currency in this country is the Turkish Lira and sometimes the Euro and the Pound.

Advantages of immigrating to North Cyprus:


Along with other neighboring countries such as Turkey and European countries, America and Canada, North Cyprus is also considered one of the best options for immigration. But moving to this island has advantages that we will get to know more about in the following:

It is geographically close to Iran and it is easier to travel to it than the countries of America, Australia and Africa.
80 / 5,000 Translation results The convenient geographical location of this island has made traveling to European countries easier.
Northern Cyprus is not an expensive country compared to European, American and Australian countries, so the cost of living there is not high.
In this country, you can interact with people both in Turkish and English. Therefore, we are safe from learning the local and difficult language.
This island has a growing economy and good tourism infrastructure. In addition, the country is not considered crowded and disorderly, and life there is very comfortable for Iranians.
The Mediterranean climate of this island is very suitable for those who are interested in this climate.
Security is high on this island and this has made life there easy.
The process of living and working in North Cyprus is very calm and stress-free.
The similarity of the culture and religion of the people of this region and their warm blood, as well as the diverse and suitable foods they have for Iranians, have made life there more pleasant.
Education and health in this island are of high quality.
The pollution in this island is very low and in addition to having many views and entertainment, it also has clean air and a clean environment.

What are the methods of immigration to North Cyprus?


Many of us have decided to migrate from Iran to another country, either temporarily or permanently, for various reasons. Above, for those who have chosen North Cyprus to immigrate, and for more assurance, we have reviewed the benefits of immigrating to this island. But before immigrating, we should know what methods there are to go to this country and what method is considered the best option for us.

Investment in North Cyprus:

One of the most common methods of immigrating to different countries is the method of investing and buying property. By buying a property in another country, you can get residence there according to the laws of that country. Therefore, if you have significant capital and can buy property or land on this island, one of the best options for you is to immigrate through investment in North Cyprus. Because the prices on this island are reasonable and the possibility of progress is also very high. Also, due to the immigration of this country and the growing trend of customers, most of the time, purchases are made in installments.

What are the methods of immigration to North Cyprus?


Immigration to continue education:

In most cases, after continuing education in some countries and working in one of the fields of work after graduation, we can apply for residence in that country. North Cyprus is also one of the best options for this purpose. If you intend to continue your education and at the same time immigrate, and you are looking for a cheap country near Iran where you can travel more easily, North Cyprus is the best option for you. Because the scientific conditions of the universities of this island are very suitable for Iranians. This island has 5 private universities and 3 public universities.

Company registration in North Cyprus:

If you intend to do something in North Cyprus, just form a team consisting of the managing director and the executive director or office manager for your work and register the company in this island. The managing director you appoint is allowed to leave North Cyprus at any time, but the office manager can only leave if a replacement is appointed. process Company registration in Northern Cyprus It takes one to two months and is done by paying a certain fee. Therefore, if you own a suitable business, you can immigrate in this way

What are the services of Zaytoun Immigration Company for obtaining residence in North Cyprus?


Zaitoon Immigration Company has assembled a team of experienced professionals to help you immigrate to North Cyprus. Those who immigrated through this company or are at the beginning of the journey and have chosen Zeitoun to do their residency work, are fully familiar with its services. These services include the following:

• Our experts are with you from the beginning to the end of the journey and will keep you informed about the affairs completely honestly. Just call 00905488640641.
• Our effort is to offer you the best option and the most suitable method for immigrating to North Cyprus.
• After making a decision, you can ask us to do the rest of the work and just watch with confidence.
• If needed, you can visit different agencies in Iranian cities and talk to our experts in person.

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